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Ryze is a platform that embraces twenty first century learning. With the power of technology, Ryze delivers multi-media rich learning into the pockets of students across the globe. Their first-party Netflix quality video content delivers engaging feature length material bespoke to each university.


the brief

Studio Digital Education Ltd approached us with a proposal to collaborate on their website design project. They were looking to create a launch website for there mobile app Ryze. The key focus for the website was to encourage visitors to download the app as well as clearly explaining the benefits.

Designing the new way to learn

After an initial exploration workshop we developed a series of visual concepts and wireframes for the homepage, with each concept highlighting specific elements of the Ryze App. A breakdown of our exploration process can be found here. Once we had identified a visual guide for the website we began working on wireframes for the remaining pages. During this process, we work very closely with the Studious Digital Education team and we provided suggestions on page layouts and ways to optimise the user experience. Finally, once the wireframes were approved we used the agreed styling and produced the remaining pages to ensure consistency across the website and to encourage user engagement. It's been a fantastic opportunity to work with the studious digital education team. Check our the website and the fantastic work they are doing.

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It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Peter Marshall who we commissioned to build our up-coming Ryze App website. Pete took my brief; understood my constraints and was able to adapt our brand brilliantly. I would highly recommend working with Pete for any web design work. I can’t wait to launch the website to show everyone the full site soon.

James Skilton, Chief Technology Officer at Studious Digital Education Ltd

the result

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